Strippers United and PeepMe Join Forces

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In celebration of International Workers Day – Strippers United and PeepMe are excited to announce they are joining forces to build the first-ever sex worker-owned and operated Platform Cooperative exclusively for adult creators.

We believe the path to economic liberation begins with community ownership and governance of our marketplaces. 

At the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic, with millions of people out of work, there was a rush towards online platforms like OnlyFans, Manyvids, Patreon etc. Many of these sites began aggressively marketing towards creators outside of sex work; comedians, musicians, fitness instructors, yogis, etc. – which sent up red flags for workers across the adult industry. “Excuse me, ma’am? This is a Baskin Robbins, not a FroYo….” Others implemented harsher policies and restrictions regarding adult content resulting in the mass de-platforming of adult creators. 

Adult creators are crucial to a thriving internet culture yet are always the first to get the boot.  

The systems where owners harm workers in pursuit of profit are firmly in place – As sex workers, we are no stranger to these (systems), and because of the nature of OUR industry – we run an inherently higher risk of being abused within these systems. The only chance we have in surviving this is to take matters into our own hands. 

We deserve a voice in the platforms that profit from us. 

On this International Workers Day – we are rising up. Workers not having a voice in decision-making or power ends where cooperation begins. Owners extracting rent off the backs of sex workers and hoarding it at the top level – instead of distributing it among the workers – is a tale as old as time. And it furthers the abuse and oppression. We the workers should benefit the most. Period. 

The future of sex work is cooperativism.

The cooperative model has been used by grocery stores, utilities, and other major companies/brands; so too can the adult industry operate as a user/employee-owned and operated cooperative. International Workers Day is about the workers taking matters into their own hands, protecting ourselves, our work, and preventing further exploitation within the industry. Applying a cooperative model ensures that our creators have a voice in everything we do – and that the creators who give our platform life, benefit the most from the profit of their creations. 

When a system utterly fails us, it is up to us to fix it.

Together we are united for these common goals.

Our Points of Unity

We are a Celebration of Adult Creators

We are committed to Economic Justice

We believe All Sex Work is Real Work

We believe Cooperativsm is the Future of the Adult Industry

Author – Atlas & Starr

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